7 Tips to Choose the Right Gaming Chair for You

Aoday, before we make any purchase, we give in some time to research, especially if it’s a valuable investment. With the increasing number of options that we have for every single product in the market, this has become all the more important. From different variations and features to budgets, there is something for everyone out there. The same applies to a gaming chair as well; whatever your needs may be, there is the right gaming chair for you.However, with a hundred options, there are also a hundred dilemmas. What kind of a gaming chair would be the best fit for me? Will it tick off all my requirements? Will it fit my budget? While the many options out there lead to confusion, fortunately, there are also many professionals out there who have tried and tested it all. On cue, here are 7 tips collated by professional research to help you choose the right gaming chair for your gaming or work endeavours.

1. Identify the Kind of Gaming Chair Best Suited For You

To come down to that one perfect chair for you, you must first know what will fit your needs best. Gaming chairs are usually known for their aesthetically pleasing appearances, coupled with high-tech functionality features. So, when you are to identify which qualities will suit you best, it’s wise to consider these bars:

- Aesthetic: Consider your choices and preferences in the appearance of your ideal chair—the colour, back built, size, height, upholstery and overall design.
- Comfort: This is an unsaid feature that you need in your gaming chair. Consider your personal comfort needs such as the sitting position, seat filling, and more.
- Support: Comfort and support go hand in hand. In order to identify your ideal gaming chair, you need to identify what kind of support you need and in what capacity—back support, lumbar support, footrest, etc.
- Features: What additional features could you use in your chair—bluetooth speakers, recliner, height adjustment, etc.

A gaming chair is now one of the most commonly preferred chairs not only for gamers but also for working professionals. Its comfort and support deem it a perfect fit for those who spend hours in front of the computer and need a cushioned seat with just the right features. They are known for their laid back and relaxing position that makes them suitable for anyone who prefers those ‘rocking chair’ perks too. 

2. Don’t Neglect the Ergonomics of the Chair

A gaming chair’s main purpose is to offer the right comfort and support to anyone who spends several hours a day seated, whether it is for gaming, work, or simply resting. Now, this means that if you are to spend most of your waking hours in a chair, you might as well do so with the convenience of ergonomic features. The science of ergonomics boasts the infusion of design in a product that aims at improving the efficiency and comfort of the user. In this case, the aim is to offer stellar comfort and functionality to the user so as to help improve their efficiency and productivity.

A gaming chair’s ergonomic features would typically include:

- A curved and high back rest with a neck pillow to offer optimum support to your back and neck, making sure there is uniform support to the entire spine.
- Lumbar cushions to support the lower back so as to prevent ligament creep and maintain the right posture.
- A headrest to make sure you sit straight by preventing you from hunching forward.
- Adjustable armrests to offer better spinal position and relief by lifting the weight of the arms.Besides lending you the right dose of support, these features usually also ensure that you don’t become prone to any long-term discomfort and health concerns that arise from bad posture and a sedentary lifestyle. So, if ergonomics is what you need, you should consider the Monster Gaming Chair.

3. Consider the Materials and Quality of the Chair

The gaming chair you choose to purchase after reading this will be an investment and not simply a lifestyle expense. Once bought, the chair will serve as your everyday throne, which means that the quality of the same has to be up to the mark. Its overall quality is something that will not only decide your comfort level but also the durability of the chair. Naturally, the materials it is built with, serve as a major determining factor here. That is exactly why the fabric, cushion fillers, frame built, and other aspects of its making are some very important considerations when choosing a gaming chair.As for the fabric of the chair, our personal recommendation is PU leather with its vegan nature, sustainability, and ease of cleaning. A stellar replica of genuine leather, PU leather is also easy to maintain and offers better breathability as compared to PVC. Besides the fabric, the construction of the chair is another crucial factor that you can use to gauge the quality. A sturdy metal frame lends the chair a high-quality definition as well as durability. Moreover, a cold foam or mold shaping filling is something that can make your cushioning soft and durable.

4. Make Sure the Functional Features Match Your Needs

You’re investing in a gaming chair for a reason. (Or more!) You not only need the right support and comfort with the design of the chair but also additional functional features and adjustability. Along with the adjustable armrest, ergonomic arm support, and height adjustment, you could also use the convenience of a recliner, height adjustment, wheels, rocking pressure adjustment and flexibility of movement. Moreover, today gaming chairs come with additional perks of Bluetooth ports and built-in speakers, headrest speakers and LED lights. If you are looking for one such gaming chair which doesn’t just provide comfort but also comes with some unique perks then you can consider the Thunder Gaming Chair.

It is important to first understand your exact requirements and the features that would truly add value to your lifestyle needs. With the many evolving features of gaming chairs and their stellar aesthetics, it is easy to get carried away and make the wrong choice. That is exactly why it is wise to first understand the exact purpose of this purchase, and then come down to the features you need personally. Say, if you’re someone who needs to have a relaxed posture, you can go for a chair that has that reclining feature and the comfort of sitting cross-legged on the seat too.

5. Set Your Budget Wisely

As aforementioned, a gaming chair is an investment, which means that it is wise to keep a flexible budget for the same. After all, it is better to invest the right amount on a chair and have it support your body and productivity for years than look for a new chair soon after the purchase. We say, think of investing in quality first; additional features that you don’t require can take the backseat if there are budget constraints.

Moreover, it is best to go back to point 4 and shortlist all the necessary features you absolutely need and the ones you can do away with, in your chair. Based on that, you can select chairs that fit the bill and the budget both. Nevertheless, two factors should be prime in determining your budget—the features that are must-haves for you and the kind of quality you want. Naturally, high-quality chairs that also promise sustainability and durability will be on the higher side of the budget, but with their very own perks too. 

6. Consider the Height and Weight

The ‘one-size-fits-all’ idea may not apply to gaming chairs, since everyone’s needs and use of the same vary from one another. That’s exactly why one needs to consider various factors like the functional features, budgets, design, making, and of course, the size of the chair as well. This is one feature that many people overlook but it remains to be one of the most crucial considerations.

A particular height and size of the chair may work for someone else but it may not necessarily work for you. Your body type and weight play an important role in determining the kind of chair you should go for, especially when comfort is a prime criterion. A seat that is too small or too big for you can cause discomfort, making it difficult for you to optimize the many ergonomic features of the chair too.

7. Don’t Hesitate to Ask Questions

You may be certain of what kind of comfort and support you want in your chair, based on the purpose you need it to fulfil. However, you may or may not necessarily be familiar with all the different features that provide that coveted comfort to you. That’s exactly why there are brand experts and salespeople out there—to attend to your doubts and guide you towards the right purchase. With the rise in D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) approach to businesses today, consistent support before and after your purchase is also available not only offline but also online now.From chat bots support that operates 24/7 to active customer service available at your service, you can have access to any guide while you make your decision and even after you buy your product. So, we suggest that you make full use of the information and guidance available to you by asking questions. Make a list of all the requirements or problems you want the chair to resolve for you and present them to the concerned person. Let them educate you on the many features and gaming chair options, so you can not only make an informed decision but also the right one

Given the nature of today’s work lifestyles, where we spend several hours seated in front of the computer, an ergonomic chair has become a priority. While some may push this requirement away with an ‘It’s just a chair,’ it can make a massive difference to your posture, productivity, and long-term health to some extent. We suggest considering this one as a meaningful investment for your workstation and regard the above factors wisely as you narrow down your ideal gaming chair. 

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