Renewed Products

What is Green Soul Renewed?

Green Soul Renewed is all about pushing ourselves closer to carbon neutrality. We take barely used, just-out-of-the-box products that are fully functional but may have just a few small signs of use. We then run them through our expertly conducted 8-step quality check process, which includes full functionality assessment, part replacement, cleaning, sanitization and repackaging. The Green Soul Renewed product is then shipped out to our happy, eco-friendly customers!


All of our Renewed products have been thoroughly tested for both form and function, and while they may show a few signs of use, you can rest assured that their quality and performance is absolutely competitive


To reward your trust in us, we offer 100% Warranty* on all Renewed Products, so that your purchase is completely secure


By investing in a Renewed product, you are making a significant contribution to reducing non-recyclable waste and your own carbon footprint. Go you!