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Meet Assassin, the latest innovation in gaming design from GreenSoul. Lean in, move, react, and relax with a versatile ergonomic chair that supports gamers however they play.

Assassin gaming chair

Driven by extensive research, design expertise, and a unique understanding of gaming performance, we’ve developed a seat that provides superior ergonomic support and adjustability so every player can do what they love for longer. Perform, play, browse, and sit back with the design and versatility gamers need to reach their peak.


The Assassin Gaming Chair positions players for faster reaction times and increased focus with an optimal and active gaming posture. Designed with an adjustable headrest, it also provides comfort through the neck and spine when gamers are ready to press pause.

master every mode

Lean in, move, react, or relax with the Assassin Gaming Chair, an ergonomic design created with the comfort, versatility, and support gamers need to reach their peak—however they play.

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