Renewed Program FAQs and Policy
1. What is the renewed product?
Every e-commerce business typically receives customer and courier returns.  At Green Soul, we have taken an initiative to convert these return products into a renewed product by following a rigorous quality regimen.
2. What is the duration of initial use of the renewed product?
Typically, the return window for new products is 10 days and hence the products will have maximum usage of 10 days, post which we receive the product in our warehouse and thereafter convert it into renewed product, following the rigorous refurbishment process.
3. Why should I go for a renewed product?
The renewed products are fully functional products and have the same utility as a new product at a very attractive cost. The product might have some visual signs of usage for maximum period of 7-10 days, but it will function similar to a new product. The renewed program also has a net positive impact on sustainability and choosing it over new products, ensures your small but significant contribution towards greener earth.
4. What is the process Green Soul follows for renewed product?
Green Soul follows a rigorous process for refurbishing the products. After receiving a returned product, each product undergoes a thorough visual inspection and operational testing to determine its condition. Any non-working parts are replaced with original spare parts. The unit is then cleaned, tested, repackaged, including all the appropriate accessories and documents.
Steps in Brief:
  • Sanitisation of all parts
  • Functionality check of all components and repair/ replacement, if needed.
  • Repackaging and Re-boxing.
5. Will I receive a properly packed product?
The product will be neatly packed and packaged in a branded Green Soul box with all the accessories, tools and assembly guide, similar to a new product.
6. Can I return the product if I don’t like it ?
Due to the nature of the product (Heavy & Bulky), the high shipping cost associated with it , we do not encourage returns, and hence we request you to carefully go through the product details and features before purchase. In case you have any doubts or queries, you can connect with us through WhatsApp or call at 844844695
7. What happens if I receive a defective product?
In case, the product has undergone any transit damage, or any part is not functioning optimally, you can take appropriate image/ video and register your complaint within 48 hours of receiving the product. Our expert CS team, will evaluate the complaint and help you with the best possible resolution as per the policy listed below.
Cancellation Policy:
1. Order is not processed:
In case the order has not been processed and fulfilled, the order can be self-cancelled by the customer from his account, or a cancellation request can be raised by dropping a mail at The cancellation of an order is not guaranteed.
In case an order is successfully cancelled before it is processed, full refund will be initiated.
The refund will automatically be credited back into the original source within 2-5 working days depending upon the mode of transaction.
2. Order has been processed:
In case the order has been processed and fulfilled, the order becomes non-cancellable, and no cancellation requests can be accepted. If the delivery is refused by the customer, for any reason, to and fro Logistics charges will be levied at the time of processing the refund.
To and Fro logistics charges can vary from ₹800- ₹2800/ --- depending upon the weight of the shipment and shipment destination pin code.
The refund will be processed once the shipment is travelling back to the source and once processed, it can take 4-7 working day for it to get credited back into the original payment source.

Disclaimer: The free shipping provided by Green Soul is only applicable for successful orders, in which case, the cost of shipping is borne by Green Soul Ergonomics. In case the customer chooses to cancel / reject the order, after it has been shipped; The shipping cost will be borne by the customer.
Return Policy:
Green Soul Ergonomics follows a parts replacement policy for renewed products, for which the terms are mentioned below:-
1. A product purchased on Green Soul is eligible for parts replacement only within the return period (within 48 hours from the date of delivery) if it fulfils any of the following conditions:
  • Product delivered is different from what was ordered.
  • Product was received in a physically damaged condition or was found defective when package was opened.
  • The product or parts of the product or accessories that were described on the website as “In the Box” was missing.

2. Any product noticed as "Received in Physically Damaged Condition or Damage upon Delivery" must be reported within 48 hours of product delivery, with valid images/video evidence of damage, to be eligible for a replacement. Any issues reported after 48 hours will not be accepted.

3. Green Soul reserves the right to resolve any return request for in transit damaged part(s) / missing item(s) / wrong item delivered by sending a replacement of the affected part(s) within a stipulated time, free of cost. In case the part is not available, Return and exchange of product with a fresh piece will be initiated.

4. The refurbished products will have visual differences and minor imperfections from the original listed image, warranty Or return does not cover minor imperfections in the product that broadly meet design specifications or imperfections that do not materially alter the Product’s functionality and hence will not be eligible for parts replacement.


The Green Soul general warranty policy will be applicable for renewed products for the warranty period mentioned in the listings.

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