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Best Office Chairs for Working from Home


If your work involves long hours in front of a screen, then the office chair you choose can boost your productivity or be the recipe for your back pain. With more companies shifting to work from home or hybrid working models, it has become essential that you set up a comfortable home space with everything you need to facilitate your progress. Working at home allows you the freedom to work in a space that you love, from being able to decorate the area as you please to not having anyone around when a deadline needs to be met; there are several reasons you might prefer using your home office. However, the only drawback is not having your favourite ergonomic office chair at your disposal. But this can easily be changed.

Why is there a growing need for home office chairs in India?

As work from home seems to be here to stay, there has been a rise in demand for office furniture, especially office chairs, in the past few years. The increase in individuals going towards the entrepreneurial route has added to the need for having ergonomic office chairs to improve and maintain their postural health.

How do ergonomic office chairs help?

Ergonomic office chairs are specially designed to support and function the natural curvature and shape of the human body. This ensures comfortable working conditions as well as the overall wellness of the individual. While being some of the most comfortable office chairs, these kinds of chairs help keep the individual in the upright position, thus reducing the possibility of body pain, injury or stress.

What are the features of a good ergonomic chair? 

If you are looking for a good home office chair, there are 5 main areas of the chair that you have to consider. 

1. The seat 

The seat is one of the most important parts of the chair. The material used to make the seat should be comfortable and breathable. Cloth and mesh office chairs are great options for those looking for breathable chair options. Alongside the seat should have 

Adjustable Height:

This allows you to increase or decrease the chair’s height to match your table and the computer. By doing this, you can avoid a lot of pain in your back and wrist, and it is also easier on your eyes. For most efficiency, the user should be able to sit straight with their feet on the ground and arms and thighs parallel to each other. 

Adjustable Depth:

The deeper the seat, the more comfortable you will be. Deep seats allow you to relax and work more efficiently. The adjustable feature of the seat is especially useful for taller people. It is also essential to consider the seat width while buying, as narrower seats may make you uncomfortable and cramped.

Adjustable Angle:

This feature of the office chair helps users to adjust the chair to the angle at which they are most comfortable.

2. The backrest 

The backrest is another critical feature of an executive office chair. Some designer office chairs also include a protrusion in the lower area that helps improve the support to your lower back. Good quality chairs also include 

Adjustable Height and Added Lumbar Support:

Adjustable high back office chairs can ensure that your upper back is supported just as much as your lower and middle back. Adjusting the angle of the backrest can also help secure it and not allow the chair to bend back too much, allowing the user to define the appropriate angle. As the lumbar spine has a slightly inward curve, the office chair you use must provide you support for the lumbar region as well. Adjusting this helps you get a proper fit and provide support to the inward curve of the lower back. 

3. The armrest

The armrest is where you rest your arms when you are not using the keyboard or the mouse. For optimal comfort, an armrest needs to have 4 major features. 

Adjustable Width:

You should be able to widen the armrest as and when necessary.

Adjustable Height:

Sliding the armrest up and down according to your need and the posture that you are most comfortable in is crucial. The position of the armrest should also depend on the task at hand.


Being able to remove the armrest allows you better mobility.


Depending on your health requirement, like having pain in the elbows, you can choose whether or not you want your armrest to be padded. 

4. Tilt tension lock 

A tilt tension lock allows you to recline your chair whenever you want. It also ensures that you do not push too far back nor do you need to sit upright all the time without being able to relax. 

5. The headrest 

An office chair with a headrest allows you to relax your head when you are in watching or listening mode. These are especially helpful during long zoom calls and online meetings. 

Check out our collection to find the best office chairs for working from home:


Mesh Chairs

Some of the best office chairs in the market are made of mesh. The breathable material helps improve ventilation, which, compared to fabric or leather office chairs, does not trap body heat between the body and chair and does not cause you to sweat. Better airflow to your back allows you to remain relaxed and comfortable. In this collection, you can find chairs with and without headrests, options with foam seats, spacious seats and dual ergonomic support. The stylish designs also add to the appeal of the chairs and enhance the look and feel of your home office. If you are looking for an office chair for back pain, then these kinds are some of the best options that you can find. 

The swivel function of the revolving office chairs adds to the appeal of these pieces as it increases the mobility of the pieces making it better for the user to reach other sections of the desk. 

Executive Chairs

These premium quality executive office chairs define luxury and make for the ultimate boss office chair. The high-quality materials used as well as the height of the chair, convey your authority and seniority. However, that is not all; executive office chairs have several differences compared to conventional office chairs. They are as follows: 

  1. Office chairs are built for comfort for long working hours, whereas executive office chairs are designed for utmost comfort and a stylish appeal. 
  2. Executive office chairs have more adjustable features compared to conventional ones. 
  3. Boss office chairs are compact and built for prolonged mobile use. 
  4. Executive office chairs tend to have higher backs. 
  5. Keeping with the theme of the chair, these have a higher back and a more formal-looking design. 
  6. Leather office chairs are standard features of this collection.

Basic Chairs

These are comfortable pieces of furniture that you can use in your home office. They usually feature basic designs and some ergonomic functionalities, which makes them ideal for anyone looking for more affordable office chairs. They have adequate back support, rocking tilt, moulded foam seats and comfortable armrests. They are also made of breathable materials that are better than the upholstery of basic chairs.

Now that you know why you need an ergonomic office chair in your home. Find your ideal chair in our collection. Shop now.

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