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Find out the Most Comfortable Chair for Back Relief: India 2022


Nobody likes having a terrible posture that causes drowsiness and joint discomfort. It is well understood that the human body functions optimally when active and not exhausted. Since gamers or professionals —working from home or the office— spend considerable time sitting, finding a comfortable chair is necessary.

Standard office chairs compel you to sit in immobile postures throughout the day. Such immobile postures can cause joint strain, tiredness, and pain. In sharp contrast, a comfortable chair is "ergonomic", which supports your body.

A comfortable computer chair includes modern ergonomic principles in the design with elements that promote posture. A comfortable chair for back pain features movable armrests that give spinal alleviation. Further, it features a reclining backrest that maintains your spine's natural curvature and offers the best lumbar support, cushioned seats, and arm support, making prolonged sitting better. 

So is investing in the best office ergonomic chair worth it? Can these chairs help you maintain an ideal posture? Let's find all these answers here.

Impact of bad posture on your productivity

One negative effect of a sedentary job is that you may feel stiffness and movement issues when you walk out of the office after spending a long day sitting at your workstation. 

Further, offices these days barely invest in a comfortable chair for office work. Also, most people don't buy a comfortable chair for home. However, the quality of the chair affects your productivity. 

Your overall health also depends on your posture. Your muscles and lungs are both impacted by how you position your body. If you have poor posture while sitting at a desk all day, you'll likely have chronic back and neck discomfort. Over time, this becomes a significant distraction from working, severely reducing productivity. 

Further, incorrect posture exerts strain on the posterior muscles, resulting in a detrimental impact on the neck. If your shoulders are rounded forward or your head is directed downward, the pressure on your neck by tightening these muscles may cause headaches. 

You will be much more comfortable working with no distractions due to back and neck aches once you have a comfortable work chair. Further, it also improves your productivity. So, whether you are working at home or office, investing in the most comfortable chair for long hours can benefit you. 

Health problems caused by wrong postures

health problems with chair

Besides straining your neck, wrong postures have other detrimental effects on your health. A few of the health problems include: 

Lack of blood circulation

If you regularly sit on a chair with bad posture for hours, you risk developing or aggravating blood circulation issues. Bad posture throughout the day prevents your body parts from receiving the required blood circulation. 

Additionally, poor posture might render you susceptible to varicose veins. Hence get out of your chair to stretch and move about every 30 to 60 minutes. Further, using the best office ergonomic chair prevents you from slouching, particularly if your job requires sitting for long hours. 

Impaired lung capacity

Poor posture may affect the quantity of air that enters the lungs while sitting. Constant forward slumping or hunching might significantly impact your lung function and capability. Whenever your lungs are not working correctly, your heart, brain, and other vital organs will not get enough oxygen.

This might lead to breathlessness, cognitive impairment, and cardiovascular and circulatory illnesses. Hence, a comfortable chair for work from home or office will help protect the lungs.

Poor digestion

If you work at a desk, you probably know how simple it is to hunch your shoulders and neck over your belly and chest. The abdominal organs, especially the digestive system, get compressed whenever you slouch. 

This might adversely affect your metabolism, including your capacity to digest meals effectively over time, possibly leading to a nutritional shortage. So switch to an ergonomic high-back chair for better posture and improve your digestive process. 

Worsening arthritis

Due to improper posture, the knees and spines may become misaligned, and there is significant pressure on the knees. Therefore, if you already have knee arthritis, you will find that bad posture makes it worse. When this occurs, the intensity of knee discomfort increases. 


When you have bad posture, your body struggles against natural movement and alignment of the spine. Your muscles must work harder, resulting in muscular fatigue. Poor posture also stresses the joints and ligaments, leading to joint discomfort and muscular strain. Hence, look out for the best office ergonomic chair for better comfort. 

Importance of having a comfortable chair with ergonomic support

sitting on ergonomic chair

Investing in an ergonomic and comfortable chair isn't a luxury. Instead, it is a necessity if you wish to boost your overall health and productivity. So here are the reasons to invest in a comfortable chair: 

1. Helps maintain a good posture

You've probably noticed that while using regular chairs with poor ergonomics, you probably lean forward since the backs of such seats are too low. An ergonomic, comfortable chair corrects that imperfection. You can be confident that the chair will improve your posture thanks to its full-length design that promotes a healthy posture.

2. Better comfort 

The best aspect of a comfortable office chair is that it will offer the best lumbar support, which aids in preventing and treating lower back discomfort. Sitting incorrectly for a long time might cause back pain. Additionally, an ergonomic high-back chair will follow the natural curvature of your back, and its appropriate support will reduce the chances of lower back discomfort. 

3. Pain relief

Some of the most typical physical aches and pains that office employees experience are neck and lower back discomfort. Typically, this is because the construction of traditional chairs prevents people from sitting for extended periods while maintaining proper posture. However, with a comfortable chair, you won't have that pain. 

4. Adjustability

The office furniture you choose must be adaptable enough to satisfy the needs of every employee in your workplace. Investment in a comfortable work chair that is adjustable according to an employee's requirements will allow them to work comfortably and remain productive.

Types of comfortable chairs available


  • Ergonomic chair

Ergonomic chairs promote a neutral posture and give enough support during extended workplace hours. This is a comfortable chair excellent for both office and home workspace set-up. These S-shaped chairs reduce stress on the pelvis and spine for long hours. 

  • Executive office chairs

As implied by its name, executive office chairs are used by those in authority. It features a high back, lots of padding in the rear, seat, and backrest, and uses excellent materials such as beautiful wood and genuine leather for construction.

  • Mesh office chairs

Mesh office chairs are the definition of permeability, making them ideal for those who sweat while working. These net-like fabric lines, the backrest, and cushioned seats offer great convenience.

  • Gaming chairs

As the name suggests, gaming chairs are for professional players and are also comfortable chairs offering superb ergonomics. These chairs are elegant and comfy to make gaming sessions fun. Gaming chairs have a pretty unique aesthetic. These feature high backs so players may lean against them while their necks, backs, and heads get firm support, preventing pain and suffering. 

The most comfortable chair out of all these is the mesh chair. Investing in a mesh ergonomic chair as a comfortable office chair for home or office has numerous benefits. The most significant advantage of mesh office chairs is their superior ventilation and breathability. The structure of these chairs allows for decent ventilation, keeping the person's back cool and dry. Due to the excellent airflow, it is easier to focus on work. 

The mesh design provides excellent flexibility and lumbar support and maintains optimal spine posture when seated. It is an excellent alternative for all-day sitting since its lightweight and ergonomic construction makes it comfortable. Further, the mesh is among the most sturdy materials used to make office chairs. It has a longer lifespan than other materials.

Features that you should be looking out for:


ergonomic s shaped design

1. Seat height

The best seat height should enable you to lay your feet on the floor; thus, choosing a chair featuring adjustable seat height is vital since everyone's height is different.

2. Seat tilt

A good ergonomic and comfortable chair will enable the seat to tilt, allowing for proper pelvic placement. The anterior pelvic tilt is a posture issue that almost everyone with sedentary lifestyle experiences. That's why it's crucial to maintain a neutral pelvis position when seated.

3. Back support

This is a crucial component of an ergonomic and comfortable work chair and relates to the support provided for your lower back. Ergonomic chairs assist the spine's typical "S" curve, preventing drooping and easing pressure on the spine and hip. 

4. Swivel

An ergonomic chair's swivel aids your mobility. Hence it makes reaching various areas of your workstation simpler without exerting yourself too much.

5. Headrest

A headrest reduces stress in the shoulders and upper body by supporting the head's back and the upper neck.

6. Armrests 

The armrests help to reduce the upper body's strength and allow proper arm positioning.

7. Back tilt tension

With the help of the back tilt tension of a good ergonomic chair, you may change the pressure required to lean back in your seat and continue working efficiently and comfortably.

If you want the best comfortable chair, shop now for the most comfortable office chairs from greensoul, including Zodiac Pro and many more.

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