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How Executive Chairs are the New Workstation Trend in 2022


Whether you are at your home or office, the executive chair you choose to use is your companion for 8-odd hours. It does not merely revamp your workspace and give it a unique look reflective of your personality, your executive chair (or boss chair, as people quirkily refer to it sometimes now) helps you think, ideate, consult, troubleshoot, make decisions, and generally get things done.

Your entire back, muscles, spine, skin, and hair are all at the mercy of the executive chair you use to work. It is no wonder that the shape, design, and type of fabric used in your executive chair or boss chair affects your health and well-being long after you finish your daily professional work.Β 

If you end up with sore, strained backs and necks every day, you will suffer from pain and discomfort and be grouchy and grumpy to those around you. Over a while, such pain will not only reduce your productivity and efficiency levels, but also result in a significant injury.Β 

Ask any doctor close by, and they will tell you how often they see cases of spondylitis and back issues amongst those who sit at the computer and laptop for extended periods daily. Not only your spine, but your eyes, hands, and feet are also vulnerable to the ill effects of wrong posture and uncomfortable positions.

This is why choosing the right executive chair or boss chair is imperative.

The Need for Executive Chairs

Regarding ergonomics and interior design, most modern executive chairs are manufactured keeping both comfort and aesthetics in mind. People nowadays are more mindful than ever about investing in comfort and great looks when they seek home-based office furniture like boss chairs in any store or showroom. Of course, boss and executive chairs have been in demand for a long time, but the trend of owning and using these has caught up since the pandemic when work from home almost became a norm.Β 

After the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all been led to a sedentary lifestyle, which has affected our everyday life in all areas. With offices adapting to work-from-home policies in 2022, we have started sitting in front of laptops almost 24 hours a day. At such times, choosing the best executive chair will assist in every way to take care of your body.Β 

At Green Soul, all our products understand the human body and have been designed to protect and offer support to it even as you are busy exercising your grey cells. A lot of features are present in our range of chairs – from the tilt feature, the swivel function that negates any need to manually move your chair, the comfortable fabric to help you relax, to a 4-way lumbar support that enables you to move your back support in various directions. All of these aim to offer 100% support to your entire body when you are sitting in front of either your computer/laptop or the gaming console.

The newest workstation trends have focussed on four cornerstones as part of the manufacturing philosophy – comfort, support, design, and durability. These help to make a product that is guaranteed to make you feel relaxed and will become a staple in your work life in the days to come.

What are the Newest Workstation Trends?

To keep up with the lifestyle of the people in 2022, you will find that the chairs have been made by putting effort into the thought, information about the human anatomy, particularly the back, and consideration to go into manufacturing the chairs, which are meant chiefly for office work.Β 

The newest chairs are mid-back and high-back, depending on the kind of support you wish to have.
You can get them from here! The 4-way lumbar support system ensures the chairs fully support your back at each level – upper neck, mid-back, and lower back. This way, the strain of extended work hours or playing for long periods of time when in one particular position does not show on your spine. Not only your spine, but your arms, legs, and the back of your head are all gently protected, supported, and cushioned by the unique neck cushions, mobile neck supports, adjustable armrests and chair height, and such.

Why exactly is an Executive chair perfect for you? Read on to find out!


  • Sustained Posture

Your posture is something you need to be concerned about after spending hours sitting down. You've probably noticed that while using regular chairs with poor ergonomics, you probably lean forward since the backs of those seats are too low.

The ergonomic chair corrects that one abnormality. You can be confident that the chair will improve your posture, thanks to its full-length design and support for natural posture.

  • Pain reduction

Some of the most typical physical aches and pains that office employees experience are neck and lower back pain. Typically, this is because the structure of standard chairs prevents people from sitting for extended periods of time while maintaining proper posture.

However, because those crucial pain areas are effectively supported when using the ergonomic chair, increased relaxation and decreased bodily aches are promised.

  • Relieved pressure on the hips

To support the weight of your body, your hips take the most of the strain. Office employees who choose to utilise an ergonomic chair don't seem to experience it very often. The ergonomic chair's goal is to lessen hip pressure by providing a suitable seat level to support the hips.

  • Increased productivity

The lifestyle of your employees might be significantly impacted by the correct office chair. Numerous studies have shown that picking a workplace chair that is both scientifically built and comfy may significantly affect both employee satisfaction and productivity.

  • An increase in blood circulation

Researchers found that even an hour of sitting increases the risk of anxiety, poor blood circulation, heart disease, and back ache. We recommend individuals keep track of the amount of time they spend sitting and switch positions every 20 to 40 minutes.

According to the American Heart Association, any activity that increases our metabolic rate over the typical sitting position can have significant long-term health advantages and lowers the risk of developing diseases.

  • Adjustability

When shopping for an executive chair for the office, look for one that has essential modifications, so it not only maintains comfort but also productivity in the office.

Your ideal ergonomic chair should have complete adjustability. Here are some things to take into account: foremost lumbar support that is more adjustable than tilt-adjustable seats, variable height, and flexible headrest and armrest.

  • Made for everyone

There are no restrictions on what users may gain from utilising an ergonomic chair. There are several boss chairs available today in a variety of styles and sizes, and there is sure to be one that suits your workspace and physical characteristics.

Unlike more specialised seats that focus on supporting a specific area of the body, ergonomic chairs are flexible and made to fit a variety of body shapes. As a result, they are frequently found in shared workplaces.

  • Long-term use

Since the ergonomic chair is made for long-term usage, you can be sure that you won't need to buy it again and again. If it breaks down for whatever reason, you may always get it fixed under warranty or replace it with a better one.

  • Chair padding

Make sure the cushioning on the seat and the backrest of the boss chair is thick enough to enable you to sit for extended periods of time and is manufactured of breathable material.

  • Maximum security

The fact that ergonomic chairs are the best choice for office workers wasn't determined by vague generalisations. Instead, the chairs have undergone laboratory testing and certification to provide the maximum level of user safety.


We know how a sore back and neck feel and how they affect your everyday life in other areas. In fact, our journey started when our founder Ravi, having decided to buy a chair that truly supported his frame, was not happy with the available choices. He saw a lot of gaps between what was desired by executive and boss chair consumers and what such consumers could actually obtain from the market. He decided to close these gaps, and hence Green Soul was born.

When you are a professional putting in long hours of study, consultation, analysis, and organising and coordinating, each and every chair you choose should help you perform all the activities in a relaxed way to your fullest and most efficient level. With our chairs backing you, you can stop worrying about the ill effects of poor posture, muscle strain, and similar issues that bother every working professional at some point.

Needless to say, all our chairs are value-added products that will prove to be a wise investment for you in the long run. What are you waiting for? Get the most stylish and comfortable executive chairs now.

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