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Kids’ Study Room Ideas to Help Your Child Succeed


To set your child up for success, you need to make sure that their environment sparks learning and curiosity. And the best place to start is the study room.

No one wants to work in a cluttered, messy space, especially children. The greater the mess, the more the distraction! So you need a streamlined space that is well lit, has adequate storage for all their stationery and knick-knacks, and comfortable furniture that will inspire them to sit down to work.

To give them the best start in life, you need to make sure that their study space is organised and inspires creativity and learning. Here, we’ve listed out some ways you could create the perfect study room for your children from picking out the space, to designing and organising it.

Finding the right space

If you have a spare room that can be converted into a study room for kids, that’s great! You’ve already completed step one. However, if you do not have the luxury of extra rooms in your home, allocating a corner or a section of an existing room can work just as well. Here are some things to look out for:

    Natural light:

    Regardless of where in the house you plan on creating your kids’ study space, ensure that there is plenty of natural light through open windows. Sunlight can go a long way in improving focus. Don’t fret if you can’t find a suitable place in your house, we’ve included some tips on utilising artificial lighting as well.

    Air circulation:

    Another benefit of having windows in the room is that it ensures good air circulation. This will not only keep your kids comfortable and help them focus better, you’ll also be able to save money on air conditioning bills.


    The most important requirement for a kids’ study room is the lack of distractions. The more distractions there are around, the more difficult it will be to focus on schoolwork. Find a corner in your home that is a bit quieter and begin setting up.


    It’s much easier to get kids to do their homework and sit for online classes if they like spending time in their study space. There are several ways to design and furnish a kid's study room according to your child’s personality, interests, and needs. Here are some tips to take your empty room or space and turn it into the perfect study room for your kids.

      Get a study table:

      Considering this is where most of your kid’s study time will be spent, this is the most important piece of furniture in the study room. Depending on your budget and design preferences, there are plenty of kids’ study table options, from themed desks to storage tables to mountable or floating desks that conserve space. However, if you are unable to purchase a new table, simple wooden tables work just as well, especially since they are visually timeless, yet aesthetic.

      Find an appropriate chair:

      The right study table must be paired with the right chair. There are several options for work-centric and kid-friendly chairs in the market. Look out for one that can be adjusted as your child grows.


      There has been a lot of research on the impact of different colours on a person’s mood and productivity. It is said that warm tones such as red and orange can lift the mood and re-energise, while cooler tones are better for relaxation. Neutral tones with pops of bright colours can work very well too.


      Though natural sunlight is best, artificial lighting can be used creatively and effectively to inspire your child to be productive and full of energy. When choosing lighting for the study room, make sure to avoid overly bright or dull dreary lights. Consider including a lamp on their study table to protect your child’s eyes from strain. Picking a cool design they like will give them the motivation to use it.

              Get the furniture from here.


        School comes with homework, lots of it! It is important to have enough storage space in your kids’ study room to put away everything neatly. You have plenty of options to choose from to keep things handy but organised.

        File holders:

        Needless to say, you will need a space to store all your kid’s homework and assignments. File holders are a great way to stay organised, especially when they’re mounted on the wall to save you some desk space. 

        Floating shelves:

        Another design trend picking up popularity, floating shelves are a great way to clear up that desk space and have all your kid’s stationery and books on display.


        These are classics. The fun thing about bookshelves is that they come in so many designs, you are bound to find something that works for you. From mounted vertical shelves to small inconspicuous designs, bookshelves offer the perfect solution to storage problems. You could even make a fun project out of building one with your child. 

        Pegboard shelf:

        Pegboards shelves are popular for their flexibility. As your child grows, they can choose what they want to display in their study room based on their increasing and new achievements and goals. 

        Shower caddy:

        A little life hack that has been gaining traction lately is using shower caddies to store your stationery. In addition to being easily portable, shower caddies also add a pop of colour and out-of-the-box thinking to your kids’ study room design. 

        Rolling cart:

        What better way to save space than to have a shelf you can move around? A rolling cart is extremely versatile and can be used to store daily tools and objects as well as to store things away since it can be pushed into any corner. 

        Desk organisers:

        A desk organiser is your one-stop-shop solution to cut down on clutter. Having a desk organiser really helps introduce some structure in your kid’s workspace.

          Be creative

          Every child has their very own needs and wants. A kids’ study room shouldn’t be seen as a boring workspace, but as a place where your child can learn and grow. Here are some tips to personalise a study room for kids as well as some handy tricks to cut down on costs and clutter:


          Whether it’s through wall decor, carpets and rugs, or the furniture itself, throwing in a bunch of accessories that your child will enjoy is a great way to motivate them to spend more time in their study room.

          Make it comfy:

          The furniture or decor you add to your kids’ study room must be inviting and comfortable. Be wary of things like spiny desk plants and harsh chair material, accidents happen.

          Repurpose old furniture:

          There are so many ways to reuse and repurpose furniture. Be it through a table or even lamps, give your home a new look by moving things around and creating a brand-new space for your child while saving some money.

          With all this information at your disposal, you are now equipped to create and design a study space or room for your children. Take it one step at a time and have fun with it. Designing the study room with your kids can be as enjoyable as using it, so we hope you have a great time.

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