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Own Your Space: Decor Ideas For Office Cubicles

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Whether you are working from home, freelancing or have a 9 to 5 office job, your cubicle is where you spend most of your productive hours. Sometimes, you need to spend long working hours in your cubicle, so you need to create an environment that is inviting and encouraging.

While you are focusing on the task at hand, your cubicle should provide you with an environment that makes you comfortable and helps you come up with great ideas. Therefore, the cubicle where you work must have personal appeal; a place you would love to go back to again and again because it de-stresses you rather than making you feel burdened with work. This is why it is crucial to design and decorate your cubicle according to your taste.

You need to cover two aspects – décor and comfort. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, you must make good furniture choices such as selecting the right office chair, especially for those who suffer from backpain. Here are a few ideas to instantly transform your office cubicle!

1. Ergonomic Chair

You may have noticed that you don't always pay enough attention to your sitting posture. Due to this, you may have backpain from time to time. Since you may be spending long working hours in your cubicle, sometimes without a break, it is essential to ensure you take care of the muscular and skeletal system of your body.  

Choosing the right office chair can do wonders for your back and your posture. ergonomic chairs from Green Soul are designed for your comfort and to support your posture so you spend extended hours in your cubicle without affecting your body. You can select standard or executive chairs based on your needs and personal preference.

Vienna Chair

2. Vibrant Colour Scheme 

In many instances, cubicles and office spaces are designed in neutral tones, earthly shades, wooden tops, etc. This can be a bit mundane, especially if you are working solo. Replace monotonous colours with vibrant and eye-catching shades. For example, a colour combination including yellow, white, grey, black and white creates a subtle multi-coloured look without being too over-the-top and hurting the eyes. Hues like orange and yellow can lighten and brighten up your cubicle, so go ahead and use visually appealing and compatible colours in your workspace.

Vibrant Colour Scheme

3. Photo Display

Dedicate a small space in your cubicle to the people who matter in your life. Your parents, siblings, friends, children, spouse, etc. can be right there with you in the form of memorable photographs pinned or pasted to your cubicle walls. You can even add inspirational and encouraging quotes. Simple and subtle photo displays can energize you whenever you feel stressed, tired or even demotivated. Images of your loved ones can help personalise the space where you will be spending long hours at your computer. Anytime you need a break, just take a look at your memory board with photographs of all the people who mean the most to you, smile, and get back to work. It’s that simple!

photo display

4. Shelf Décor that Reflects Your Personality 

If you have a shelf, use that space by adding a dash of colour or objects that are an extension of your personality. For example, place some décor pieces like wicker or crocheted balls next to files and binders. Or use a decorative piece or an antique object as a bookend for a group of folders. Include your favourite colours to create a visually appealing space that is to your liking. Use cups and mugs, contemporary or antique, with muted or bright colours, with or without quotes and pictures, as décor pieces on your shelf. You can also use the cups to store your daily stationery items, such as pens and pencils, making good use of that space. Include personalised items in your cubicle to reflect your tastes, likes, and character. 

5. Do Away with Dangling Cords 

Dangling wires can be inconvenient and unattractive when you are trying to create a productive space in your cubicle. Loose wires and cords can make your office space look cluttered and disorganized. But, can you avoid wires and cords? For the most part, no. This is because not every device has a wireless option. But the perfect solution to do away with this clutter is to use colourful tape in varying patterns and shades to wrap the cords of your chargers, desktop cords, etc. In an instant, boring wires and cords are transformed into colorful spirals that can give your cubicle a vibrant dimension.  

6. Clipboards on the Wall 

If your cubicle walls have space, hang up one or two clipboards. These clipboards can serve multiple purposes. You can clip your daily do-to lists, family photos and inspirational quotes or images to keep you motivated throughout your day. You can also add pockets to store easily accessible stationery and other titbits. Get creative in using these clipboards so that your office cubicle is inviting and the decor can also help you be more productive!

Clipboards on the Wall

7. Fresh Flowers 

Even for those who don't know much about flowers, it can be agreed that flowers add a touch of warmth to any space. There are many varieties of flowers, so you can choose one, or even a few, that have a light or strong scent depending on your preference. Flowers can enhance the look and feel of your cubicle. One of the best parts of adding flowers to your office space is choosing flower vases, which come in different shapes, sizes and materials. If you choose to add flowers, make sure you give them adequate care and enough clean water. The objective is to make your workspace look fresh and energetic, so when you find that your flowers need replacing, be sure to replenish your flower vase with a fresh bouquet of blooms!

8. Wall Calendar  

Most people today use their smartphones or tablets to keep track of their upcoming appointments, meetings, travel schedules and more. Yes, digital devices do help us stay on top of things that happen in our daily lives. But, if you want to reduce your dependence on digital gadgets, you can try using a good old-fashioned calendar. When you hang a calendar up on your cubicle wall, it is permanently visible, as opposed to an app that needs to be opened on your smartphone. This can help remind of you something important you may have forgotten, and a calendar with enough space can also be used for daily reminders or task lists.

9. Plants 

Natural plants are an excellent way to add earthiness and comfort to your cubicle décor. If you are consistently short on time and you know that you cannot spend too much time taking care of your plants, you can go for succulents, which do not require too much attention. Make sure your office plants get enough water and natural light and they will add a touch of much-needed liveliness to your cubicle where you spend long working hours. Plants are known to uplift your mood, so choose from among the many greens that suit your environment and the time and attention you can provide to them. 

10. Cubicle Wallpaper

To give your cubicle a new look, you can use plain or decorated wallpaper. Removable wallpapers are a good option since they are peel-and-stick and can be replaced whenever you feel like a change. To customize your cubicle, paste the wallpaper on the wall, table, edges, shelves and any other place that can revamp your cubicle.

Cubicle Wallpaper

11. Go Neon

If you like flashy and glowing colours, neon is a great option. In the dark, neon colours will keep your cubicle illuminated. But even in the daytime, neon colours can be quite refreshing with their charismatic vibes. You can use neon organizers, trays, pen stands, and stationery which will look stunning against dark cubicle walls.


Whether you use your cubicle for office work, gaming or other purposes, it is your personal space. That's why the surrounding décor should match your personality and mood. Use our cubicle décor suggestions starting with Green Soul's executive chairs or even think out of the box to come up with ideas that will make the time spent in your cubicle productive and enjoyable!

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