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Myths Vs Facts: Gaming Edition


gaming edition

Have you heard all these things about gamers - they are isolated, they don't have a social life, and they are people who waste time on video games? We also have. That is why we are here to smash all those baseless rumours with facts.

There has been so much research conducted about gamers that it is easy to understand what they are really like finally. So don't get bothered by what people have to say but enjoy the awesomeness that gamers come with. Let's see some of the myths and facts about them:

1. Gamers are socially awkward people

Gamers are socially awkward people

Fact: They exhibit social behaviour.

If you think gamers are loners, they are not. They showcase much social behaviour. A report which studied 20 different gaming events stated that gamers exhibit many social behaviours like watching games, talking, drinking, and chatting online. It is also understood that gaming does not reduce social interaction; it supplements it. So if you think gamers are lazy, overweight, or isolated, these are all myths about them. In 2013, research conducted with 2500 gamers showed that they have an equivalent exercising level, have equal quality friends, and have more urge to play together than those who are not into gaming.

2. Gaming chairs are bad for your backs

Gamers are socially awkward people

Fact: Gaming chairs support backs and improve posture.

A non-gaming chair leads to a bad posture which affects your bones, muscles, and internal organs. This exerts pressure on your muscles and tendons, leading to long-term issues like trouble sitting.

Ergonomic gaming chairs are the best solution to avoid back problems. Gaming chairs are multifunctional ergonomic chairs that are the best for your back due to their S-shaped design. These chairs help maintain the right posture and ensure your head is correctly positioned. Even the hips are in the right posture, and you can sit for long hours.

If you are using one such chair, you should sit evenly in the seat, adjust the chair's height to allow the knees to bend at a right angle, keep your chair closer to the desk and adjust the monitor level. Most importantly, rest your elbows and give support to your shoulder.

In case you're a gamer who sits or is planning to sit for long hours, believe a fact and get yourself an ergonomic gaming chair from

3. Video games make gamers aggressive

Video games make gamers aggressiveFact: It agitates gamers but doesn't cause violence

According to research conducted in the USA, they did not find gamers violent after they played aggressive games, just that they were slightly agitated after playing these games. Moreover, violence in games does not lead to real-life violence in gamers. So, policies restricting video game sales to minors are unlikely to reduce violence. So now you can chill and enjoy your games without worrying about the violent part.

4. Gamers get addicted to video games

Gamers get addicted to video gamesFact: Gaming addiction is fairly short-lived.

We think those who are preoccupied with games or playing exclusively are addicted. But that does not very well mean an addiction. Data about gamers showed that those initially thought to be having an addiction did not meet the threshold by the time the research ended. Moreover, the ones who are addicted are in small numbers.

However, the only worrying part is that mobile gamers get into in-app purchases and loot boxes and see them as an income source. It could become problematic gambling.

5. Gaming is a meaningless time waste

Gaming is a meaningless time waste

Fact: Gaming is a creative experience; it helps to improve intellectual power

Video games give you an opportunity to place yourself at the centre of the world and be an active participant. It helps to focus on problem-solving skills and teaches time management. Many games also provide real-life consequences to help a person improve understanding and perception. It also relieves tension and reduces stress, and overcomes frustrations.

Gaming provides a place to interrogate and test the emotional consequences. Mainly it helps to explore what it means to be a human, to understand love and loss, and also allows you to travel to amazing places and incredible people, all from just sitting at home.

6. Gaming is only for entertainment

Gaming is only for entertainmentFact: Games can teach, inspire, and help learn life skills

Video games are a product of scientific development. Video games act as a ground for collecting scientific data while also being used for entertainment. In a game called Sea Hero Quest, people are asked to memorise a map and then navigate a cartoonish fishing boat around waterways, vising many buoys in an order. University College London used data from this game and the University of East Anglia to know how spatial navigation abilities are different across the world, according to The Guardian. It also helped to understand how decline happens in disorders like Alzheimer's. Data from the game will help with diagnosing and treating dementia.

7. Gaming is for kids

Gaming is only for entertainmentFact: Average gamers are between 33 and 37 years old

We all have grown up playing Mario, Sonic, and Pikachu, but gaming is not limited to that. Gamers have a wide variety now, including games like Call of Duty. You will be shocked to know that more than 50 per cent of gamers fall between the 18 to 49-year range. Moreover, you will be surprised to know that an average gamer is around 37 years old. People above 50 years old represent 29 per cent of the gaming market. Only 18 per cent of gamers are below 18. Also, female gamers are older than their male counterparts; women's average age is 37, and men's 33.

8. Gaming is only for males Gaming is only for males

Fact: More than 30% of gamers are women

Do you think gaming is only done by men? Then you're mistaken. More than 40% of gamers in the industry are women, according to a report.

More than 80 per cent of them are below the age of 25. Female players won more than 15 tournaments in India in 2019. The numbers are expected to triple. The numbers are not limited to tier-1 cities. More than 26 per cent of women who are gamers are from tier-II cities, while about 37 per cent are from tier-III, tier-IV, and rural areas, according to a report. There is a public perception that gamers are men, but that's untrue. With all the statistics above, we need to realise that the whole gaming industry is changing, and more women are up for it.

9. Gamers are all techies Gamers are all techies

Fact: Gamers might be good with technology but are not techies

Gamers are exposed to more technology than others, but that does not mean they can fix your router. Please don't expect your gamer friends to solve all your technology issues. Google might be able to help you. However, if you want suggestions about the best games in the market and want them to show you how to play, then consult your gamer friend. But don't forget to get an ergonomic gamer chair before you start playing.

10. Real gamers play on Computer Real gamers play on Computer

Fact: Gamers should use what they are comfortable in

Now this is a debate that has been going on for a long time. But at the end of the day, you should choose what is comfortable for you. Gamers who play on computers will like the performance and capability of multitasking from their stations. In comparison, the ones who use consoles like to lay back on their sofas with a controller in hand. And a mobile player likes having the comfort of a quick game during breaks. So, choose what you like, and don't get caught up with what others are forcing you to use. Just remember to enjoy the games.


Now you know that gamers are not only men, but women are also a big part of the gaming industry. Also, gamers are not socially awkward people sitting in the dark trying to live their own life. Other than these, we have busted many more myths for you above.

So don't believe the lies and spread these facts around!

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Happy gaming!

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