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If your job necessitates you to spend the whole day at your desk, you should consider purchasing a standing desk. Why? First, it is detrimental to sit for long periods. Consistently inactive individuals have a higher risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and premature mortality.

In addition, excessive sitting burns relatively few calories and has been related to obesity and weight gain in several studies.

Since office employees spend most of their time seated, this is a significant health issue. Fortunately, standing desks are rising in popularity. So are they worth the hype? Let's find them.

What Is A Standing Desk?

In recent times, standing desks have grown increasingly widespread, but some individuals might still be unfamiliar with the term. These desks have been developed with ergonomic principles to decrease the pain and discomfort associated with sitting at a traditional desk. Now, you may think, are they worth it?

Understanding how to use a standing desk is an excellent method to enhance your working experience and care for your health. There are several alternatives for standing workstations, including corner standing desks, electric standing desks, and the traditional option. These solutions are suited for various circumstances, with a corner stand-up desk ideal for someone with the limited room but who wants a standing desk. The optimal solution is an adjustable standing desk since one can modify it to the optimal height for using it.

Standing desks are gaining popularity owing to their many advantages for the user. They often include a wide range of customizable settings, allowing them to be tailored to the requirements of every person who might need to use them. The popularity of these desks has increased in office settings because of their adaptability. Further, it enables users to enhance their productivity.

Standing Table Vs. Traditional Table



Standing Table


Traditional Table

You can adjust the table as per your height and these tables are also available in electronic versions.

You might adjust the height yet it doesn’t let you have the conveniences that a standing table offers and you need to manually adjust the height.

It is beneficial for sedentary jobs since it allows easy motion and allows quick sit and stand actions.

These tables don’t offer free movement or the option to stand and work due to height adjustment issues. 

They use ergonomic design principles and focus on the overall health and productivity of the user. 

They don’t have any ergonomic principles, instead, you have to adjust your chair height to adjust with the table height. 

Promotes good posture.

Doesn’t promote good posture since you will be seated all day long.

Offers customization.

No facility for customization.


trigger table

Who Should Use Standing Table?

Using a standing desk is an excellent option for everyone willing to invest in one. Standing desks are strongly advisable for individuals who spend most of their time seated at a desk and people who are generally sedentary, especially outside of or in addition to a five-day workweek.

A standing or sit-stand desk makes it easier to engage in additional physical activity throughout the day. Pick a hybrid desk that enables you to alternate between sitting and standing. You will also have to purchase a premium desk chair, such as an ergonomic chair, to guarantee that your spine, neck, and back have the necessary support when you sit.

Benefits Of Standing Table:


1. Lowers the risk of obesity and weight gain

Weight gain results from consuming more than you burn off. In contrast, excess caloric expenditure leads to weight reduction. Although exercising is the most efficient technique to burn calories rapidly, standing and including some movement instead of sitting may also be advantageous.

2. May lower your blood sugar levels

The higher your blood sugar level rises following meals, the worse your health will be. Moreover, this is particularly true for people with insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes. Office employees tend to sit immediately after lunch, resulting in a spike in their blood sugar levels. Hence, working with a standing desk will help them resume their work but will add a motion and activity to their work, lowering their blood sugar level spike.

3. May lower your risk of heart diseases

There is little doubt that increasing the time you stay on your feet is favorable for your heart health. Sedentary time is considered to raise the risk of cardiovascular disease. Further, it is so detrimental that an hour of vigorous exercise may not be sufficient to counteract the detrimental impacts of a full day of sitting. Hence, standing desks might reduce the negative impact on your heart health. 

4. May reduce your back pain

Back pain is among the most prevalent complaints among sedentary office employees. Multiple studies indicate that standing desks may greatly reduce back discomfort caused by extended sitting.

5. May improve mood and energy levels

Standing desks tend to have a beneficial effect on overall health. According to research, people who use standing workstations have less stress and weariness than those who stay seated during the workday.

Always note that excessive standing can cause leg and foot pain and vein problems and hinder some workplace activities. But, understanding and implementing the right way to stand can help you reap the benefits of standing at tables and avoid the negative effects of standing long. So what is the right way to stand? Find it in the next section.

The Right Way to Stand

According to experts, the ideal standing desk method would be to stand, sit, and afterward stand again. Repeat this several times during the day. Start by standing for 30 minutes at a time, many times each day. Add one or more hours based on your comfort level. Adjust the standing desk so that your body is positioned correctly.

Your neck, head, and spine must form a straight line when standing. Also, when your wrists lie flat on the surface, your elbows must make a 90-degree angle. Adjust your computer screen to eye level. Put on comfy footwear with no or low heels. Stand on a padded mat for additional support. Additionally, every 30 minutes or so, get up from your desk and go for a walk.

The Importance Of Ergonomics & How Standing Desk Can Help

The use of ergonomic solutions may boost employee productivity and comfort. Ergonomics is vital since there is an impact on the musculoskeletal system when the body is subjected to musculoskeletal stress. It can be due to an uncomfortable position, severe temperature, or repetitive movement. Hence, Ergonomics reduces discomfort, strengthens muscles, and enhances blood circulation. Together, these factors improve mental clarity. Your employees will feel less pressure, have increased awareness, enhanced emotions, and have a higher concentration. So this allows everyone to focus on their task more.

A standing desk is ergonomic since it provides the option to stand, lowering the risks associated with prolonged inactivity. Health and productivity are two of the most popular reasons people choose a standing desk arrangement. By moving more and sitting a little, you can enhance both. Standing and walking more at work may decrease back discomfort, promote your metabolism, and improve the likelihood of a pain-free workday.

According to research, non-sedentary workplaces improve employee creativity, efficiency, and collaboration. Hence, it results in better productivity, fewer health concerns among employees, and keeps your employees healthy and happy in the workplace.

Is Standing Table A Multi-Purpose Table?

Yes. A standing table is also a multi-purpose table since every people can use this table. For instance:

• Gamers

Gamers spend a lot of time at their desks. Even with an ergonomic gaming table, prolonged sitting isn't healthy. Standing improves focus and response time. These advantages offer players an advantage over their opponents.

• Individuals who work from home

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and changes in the organizational structure, more people are now working from home. So using a home-standing desk keeps one focused and motivated. Too much sitting may cause laziness and lack of motivation. Standing desks help with these concerns.

• People with back pain concerns

Several people who sit for long periods get upper and lower back discomfort. This is because of the lack of backrest support and spine posture while sitting. Standing desks may relieve back discomfort and give the spine a rest.

Final Say

If you are among those looking for a solution to improve your life, health, and overall productivity, you can get the best-in-class adjustable standing desks from Green Soul. If you want to use a standing desk, you should spend your time evenly between standing and sitting.

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