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Different Ergonomic Office Chairs to Consider for Working from Home


What Kind of Ergonomic Office Chair is Best?


Ergonomic Office Chair

Most of our day is consumed by our work. We sit the whole day in front of our work desk, and that is why it makes sense to invest in an ergonomically designed chair. Bad sitting posture can cause chronic health problems. Good ergonomically designed chairs provide good lower back support and promote good sitting posture. They're also well adjustable, ensuring that you keep your chair at the right height so that your feet are on the ground and your knees aren't too strained. A perfect ergonomic office chair would be different for different people as per their requirements.  

The Best Ergonomic Office Chairs to Consider for WFH: 


  • Zodiac Pro High Back Mesh Office Chair

With its stunning design elements and unmatched comfort, Zodiac Pro defines ease and commands respect. This office chair with headrest, lumbar support, armrest, height, and tilt, made with world-class breathable mesh materials and a high-density molded foam cushion. It helps with improved posture and reduced back pain, preventing long-term effects of poor posture such as spinal and joint dysfunction.

  • Jupiter Go High Back Mesh Office Chair

Jupiter go high back chair is Inexpensive yet comfortable, sleek, and durable, one can hardly find a better ergonomically engineered chair solution for their home workspace. While maintaining a healthy posture, workers can also use several adjustments for swivel, tilt, headrest/armrest, backrest, etc., based on their body shape/size to prevent fatigue and muscle strain.

  • Jupiter Superb High Back Mesh Office Chair 

Wrapped with a breathable mesh, jupiter superb high back chair promises a 4-way adjustable headrest, lumbar support, and armrest to get the perfect fit for your body shape and size. We have gas-lift cylinders for a smooth yet durable height adjustment, with a robust metal frame and dual castor wheels to offer a seamless swivel mechanism. Additionally, the multi-tilt lock provides added comfort and support while reclining, swinging, sitting, etc.

  • Jupiter Superb Mid Back Mesh Office Chair

Jupiter superb mid back chair is one of the best ergonomic chair. this particular model provides complete back support with a sleek and compact design. Built with a durable glass/fiber frame, covered in plush molded foam seats, workers can use the chair's torsion knob to adjust the softness of their tilt position between 90°-135°. It comes in a breathable fabric, a four-way adjustable lumbar support, and maximum adaptability to fit your personal needs.

  • New York Classic High Back Mesh Office Chair

The design and ergonomics of this chair are above the mark - with high-density foaming, a mesh backrest to conform to your body while spreading even distribution of pressure, wide seats to offer more space, it's a suitable option for the office space. The robust nylon frame, flexible tilt lock lever, recline angle between 90°-130° all come in handy during long working hours for workers undergoing constant joint pain with muscle weakness in your home office space.

  • New York Classic Mid Back Mesh Office Chair

Working from home can keep individuals hunched over their desks for long hours without enough movement. A good working from home chair can help improve posture and reduce muscle strain at an inexpensive cost. This chair offers good lumbar support, deep seats to provide more support to your legs, different adjustability features, and a high-grade build. Support the natural curve of your spine with the adjustable lumbar quality, and use the reclining positions to take some weight off your back.

  • New York Superb High Back Mesh Office Chair

Known for its exceptionally high-quality build and craftsmanship, new york superb high back chair is proof that innovation can contribute to a greater good. A 4-way adjustable armrest, headrest, and lumbar support with flexible locking and swivel feature has creation crafted in every part. This office chair offers all-around high performance at keeping your body in the perfect balance and alignment.

  • New York Plus High Back Mesh Office Chair

Choosing an ergonomic office chair for your home is challenging but can help build an efficient, comfortable and safe environment. We present our New York high-back mesh chair to find the perfect solution for comfortable seating and improved posture. It offers a nylon backrest framework with extra padding to support your spine length. Adjustable features allow workers to alter their lumbar support, headrest/armrest settings according to their sitting position and body frame. Made to fit your requirements uniquely, the chair is worth the investment.

  • New York Health High Back Mesh Office Chair 

The best computer chair for home is a definite priority to adjust perfectly with your body shape and offer long-term support. The explosion-proof air rod, 3D armrests, smooth castors made with an aluminum base are just a few premium features that make this chair a steal deal. Now you can sit upright with more comfort and ease, with an exclusive waterfall-designed backrest to relax your lower half.

  • Crystal V2 Mid Back Mesh Office Chair

Crystal v2 mid back chair upgrades you from economy to first-class, with additional support and comfort for the long-distance. Take this particular variant, for example; it's a standard investment integrated with a heavy-duty metal base, ultra-fine breathable upholstery, 360° swivel, immense adjustability features, and long-term benefits.

  • Crystal V1 Mid Back Mesh Office Chair

Crystal v1 mid back chair offering advanced features such as height and armrest adjustment, torsion knob for hardening/softening back recline, hydraulic piston, and 360° swivel, the above recommendation may prove to be amongst the best chair for lower back pain. The robust metal base and 50mm wheels allow a smooth and stable spin and a 90°-135° synchro-tilt lock mechanism for flexible movements.

  • Crystal V2 High Back Mesh Office Chair

Choosing between a contemporary work-from-home chair or an ideal ergonomic office chair for long and tedious weekdays is equally challenging, knowing that you'll spend maximum hours on it. To avoid pain in your back, neck, shoulder, and wrist, consider crystal v2 high back chair with a high-density foam cushion to support your lower half-finished in an ultra-fine and breathable fabric.

  • Crystal V1 High Back Mesh Office Chair

Crystal v1 high back chair makes an excellent choice for individuals looking for an ergonomic office chair in an additional size to adjust larger heights/widths. It's a standard option for workers, offering a mesh fabric to promote excellent airflow, a high-grade metal base. Additionally, the chair provides a seamless tilt mechanism to lean back and forward, swivel features to move in and out of the chair quickly, etc., who wish to invest in their long-term well-being. The adjustable lumbar support, headrest/armrest feature is key to ensuring personal comfort and productivity during long working hours.



  • What Makes a Green Soul Ergonomic Office Chair Unique?

To ensure full-body support and relief from muscle and joint pain, choosing the right ergonomic office chair is required to allow instant posture improvement. The chair will provide optimum support for several hours and help boost overall productivity for all workers. A dedicated spot is essential for individuals working remotely, including the proper ergonomic setup to improve focus and performance on daily tasks. Green Soul is dedicated to finding customers the perfect chair solution based on their preferences. The brand offers high-density molded foam cushions, a waterfall seat design with a robust metal frame, anti-scratch rolling castors, adjustable headrests, and a nylon backrest framework in its ergonomically designed office chairs features. These chairs can help apply the correct pressure to all 'crucial points' of the worker's spine, neck, wrists, and shoulders. You can browse through a wide range of chair models - for designing a study room for kids or a work-friendly space in the corner of your living room. 

  • What Should I Consider Before Buying a WFH Office Chair?

It's best to pick a work from the home chair that caters to all your needs, and for that, there are numerous factors workers must consider:

  1. Material
  2. Chair Dimensions
  3. Adjustability
  4. Lumbar & Other Ergonomic Support 

Apart from the stability and durability of the metal frame, the material of an ergonomic office chair should be the main factor as it determines how much the backrest will support and comfort the body during long working hours. While upholstery may differ for different models, picking a breathable fabric that ensures proper air ventilation with a soft-touch foam and deep cushioning is ideal. Workers should personally select a chair based on their body build, which can fit nicely against the length and width of the chair - neither too broad or narrow. Adjustability is essential; from flexible armrest/headrest options to having better tilt control, these features can help add better support to the body, including the shoulders, neck, forearms, and wrist areas. Lastly, lumbar protection is necessary to avoid bad posture and back pain. Thus the right lumbar design is required to cradle the spine curves and keep the body in a 'neutral' stance. 

  • What is the Right Sitting Posture to Avoid Back Pain?

An ergonomic office chair can provide natural alignment for your back, neck, and shoulder area, preventing severe health diseases and the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders, fatigue, or muscle strain. It will keep their legs and upper body at a 90° angle and provide adequate support to the spinal cord. For an optimal sitting position, workers can align their shoulders, arms, and neck in a single order, maintain distance from the screen and correct eye level, position their knees a little above their hips, and keep their feet flat against the floor.

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