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Multipurpose Tables that can solve all your purposes


Because of the pandemic, we see a shift towards more practical and multifunctional furniture pieces. As a result, multi purpose furniture layout has become an essential aspect of any modern, well-designed home space. This trend poses an exciting challenge when it comes to assembling key furniture pieces for your home to create an efficient office space & an ideal gaming corner. Selecting an innovative and versatile desk table is the key to maximizing the space while maintaining a clean, organized, and minimal setup. Talking about different furniture pieces, choosing a suitable model from a multi purpose table collection is great for your home office. The ideal study/gaming tables need to be easily customized as per one's needs, provide innovative solutions, and gel with the room's aesthetics. Individuals can save ample space by selecting an ergonomic, durable multipurpose table that features all-in-one functions and is appropriate for different settings and activities. They can belong to multiple environments and easily fall into an ideal blueprint for work/gaming activity, allowing extra room space.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Right Multi-Purpose Table

Whether it's for studying or working or for a hobby like gaming, a multipurpose table can make a space-efficient and highly functional table. Here are three key things one should consider before choosing from a multi purpose table collection:

  • Size

This is the first question you should ask yourself before purchasing. Knowing that one size doesn't fit all depends on each individual. The size of the table should complement the room size area you are planning to locate it in. One should also consider how many family members will use it and for what reason. A student may use the table as a study table while his mother may use it as her work desk while working from home.

  • Price

The price of the table depends upon the choice of materials, the overall size, and the aesthetic. Price is also a function of choice. Gaming/Office tables with more functionality and utility with solid build quality will cost you more and vice-versa. If you need a durable, efficient table, it will be a hefty price tag. If you like refreshing your furniture every season, you may go with a more modern multipurpose table that you can sell later.

  • Style

The other vital factor to consider before purchasing a gaming/study table is its aesthetic design and how it sits against the rest of the room décor. What kind of character does it bring to the room where it will get placed. The style of the multipurpose table also defines its various use cases, which will make the table a multi-purpose table. The table also should go with the rest of the décor of that room, which sometimes can pose a challenge. The table's ergonomics, storage space, and materials are made to define the style of the table.  

    Which Table Design Should You Pick?


    • Work from Home Study Table

    As the title suggests, this is ideal for people working from home who need to have their workstations. A study table allows you to be more organized and productive by offering an office-like atmosphere from having multiple storage options to perfect ergonomics.

    • A Multipurpose Work Table

    A multipurpose table has a sturdy frame that ensures stability. You can adjust the length of the table to your body posture as well. You can also attach add-ons like headphones and coffee mugs for an enhanced experience. There is an anti-slip, waterproof mouse-pad on the table that allows for a better gaming experience for gamers.

    • Customized Study Table

    A study table designed for a specific user or individual. From the material to the ergonomics, most things are handpicked as per the individual's liking. Additional attachments like coffee holders are optional.

      List of Top Multi-Purpose Laptop Desks for WFH:


      • Green Soul Vogue (Right) L-Shape Multi Purpose Table

      Keeping in mind the ergonomic principles and superior construction, the multi purpose table collection at Green Soul is dedicated to amplifying your working & gaming experience. To suit the heavy/light work involved, the table, crafted from a rock-solid aluminum frame with useful attachments, can be easily adjusted at various heights to allow your monitor to always be at the correct eye level. This will, in return, let one's eyes, neck, and shoulder be in a neutral position and avoid muscle stiffness. An additional anti-slip mouse pad with a soft finish will ensure a smooth glide with plenty of room to spare and no lateral/slipping hand movements for professional gamers. While workers are exempted from staying within a cubicle setup at home, they can take the opportunity to maximize the use of an underutilized corner in the house with the L-shaped multi purpose table.

      • Green Soul Blaze Multi Purpose Table

      Improve work efficiency with this extra-large and heavy-duty gaming table, featuring a carbon-steel frame with a lightweight build made of P2 standard particleboard. The multipurpose table also offers a manual height adjustment option and an in-built storage net to organize hanging wires/cables. You can enjoy a clutter-free Zoom conference/presentation with other headphones and cup holders to prevent any spilling accidents and use the extra space for your gaming/workplace equipment. Another important fact is that while other office/gaming table brands may offer similar components, Green Soul is providing an additional 3-year warranty with all of their products to ensure complete customer satisfaction post-sales.

      • Green Soul Involve Multi Purpose Table

      One of the advantages of remote work is that individuals can get creative with their space and use the most suitable furniture for their needs. Take involve multi purpose table as an example - it features a 60" x100" tabletop with an A-shaped design frame, made of high-carbon steel & an excellent finish. The table frame boasts a contemporary style that can sit nicely next to several versatile furniture designs. It guarantees an efficient grip, while the headset hanger with a cup holder is an excellent addition during productive working hours and effortless playtime. Prevent furniture from slipping or scraping against the floor with the attached non-slip bushes placed under the legs of the multipurpose table.

      • Green Soul Vogue (Left) L-Shape Multi Purpose Table

      Employees and gamers need to keep a check on their body position and posture at all times. To prevent shoulders hunching, curving the spine forward, putting all weight on one side of the body, etc., we must design our workspace with the right furniture. We've already discussed the benefits of an L-shaped desk in a limited space, but workers can also pick between a right or left-handed desk return based on their room layout. Like a standing desk advocates a good intervention between keeping the body still, the L-shaped multipurpose gaming/office table allows individuals to keep their monitors at the desired height with an easily adjustable mechanism. This ensures longer work durations & gaming sessions without discomfort or fatigue and complete control over keeping the mouse and keyboard at the right eye level based on the person's height.

      • Green Soul Trigger Multi Purpose Table

      This exceptional office/gaming table has a high-quality, sleek carbon-fiber textured surface and an aluminum frame fixed with non-slip bushes to ensure stability and durability. With a capacity to carry weight up to 80kgs, trigger multi purpose table offers manual height adjustability to help reduce back pain and improve productivity throughout the day. Made with a high-grade aluminum alloy and P2 standard particleboard, the table features a large desk surface area that offers easy maintenance and flexibility. Individuals looking for a versatile, contemporary, and lightweight article to match the room's clean aesthetics can count on this multipurpose table to do the job seamlessly. 

      • Green Soul Surface Multi Purpose Table

      Want adjustability? Experience it in three futuristic modes. Surface multi purpose table has a fully automated height adjustability mechanism with a memory feature that keeps track of your desired height levels (73-123 cms). With an integrated sedimentary timer, you can now prevent health-related diseases due to prolonged sitting. It ensures that individuals focus and correct their desk lifestyle by taking regular breaks to keep their bodies in motion. This helps break the seated cycle and pushes the body to indulge in a pattern of active sitting. The table comes with a storage box, headset hanger, cable organizer, and cup holder to beef up your gaming session and make other daily tasks much more efficient.

      • Green Soul Storm Multi Purpose Table

      While there may be a surplus of desk offerings in the market, only a handful can be worthy of casting a good impression. Strom multi purpose table with an industrial-grade aluminum frame, anti-slip, and soft-touch mouse pad to guarantee smooth cursor gliding with great precision and grip control. Thoughtful details such as a headset & cup holder, RGB LED lights pre-installed in six different spots, cable organizer, etc., make the chair a strong contender for a robust gaming setup. 

        Wrapping It Up

        Choosing the suitable desk that ticks off all your work/gaming requirements doesn't come easy, but Green Soul does a bang-on job. You can pick from multiple designs, color, and style options, commonly integrated with the correct ergonomic principles, offering a rugged build, various adjustability features, and other modular and flexible attachments. Instead of picking a less than ideal table, invest in one that provides productivity, inspiration, and improved well-being, keeping in mind the number of hours you'll spend on it. It's a dream work/gaming solution to fit your diverse requirements in one inclusive space.

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