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Gaming is undoubtedly the next big thing in India!


If you aren't already gaming, there's a good chance you will be soon. The video game industry is thriving and expected to expand further. Gaming is one of India's fastest-growing new sectors, with a 40% growth rate in 2019-20. During this time, the industry made $1.5 billion in net revenue. Growing younger population, increased disposable income, low-cost internet connectivity, new gaming genres, and increased smartphone and tablet users are some factors driving the sector's growth.

According to a KPMG report, India now has over 400 gaming firms and 420 million online players, ranking second only to China. From 360 million in 2020 to 390 million in 2021, the overall number of online gamers increased by 8%. According to EY and FICCI analysis statistics, the number of gamers is predicted to exceed 450 million by 2023.

There is an incredible rise of gamers in this burgeoning business in India, with original and exciting material being a vital element of the system. More companies are turning their attention to marketing their products via these young influencers with a tremendous fan following throughout the age bracket of 15-30, the most targeted population in advertising terms for both endemic and non-endemic brands. Here are some of the top creators well-known for their gaming content on different platforms -

Top creators and their gaming channels on various platforms -

MatPat's videos for The Game Theorists -

MatPat's films, which differ from regular walkthroughs and commentary, focus on determining what lies underlying players' favourite video games. The channel's "nerdy ideas" have a large following ready to see their intelligent gaming films on the science, technology, history, and tales behind games.


Mark Fischbach, a Hawaiian-born Californian, runs Markiplier. He like the "Let's Play" style of gaming video, in which he documents the gameplay of a game. He favours a boisterous, unrestrained commenting approach. Through his films, he conveys his joyful, larger-than-life persona. Wilfred Warfstache, replete with a pink moustache, appears on occasion. He often paints his hair in various hues. He enjoys indie and horror games like the Five Nights at Freddy's series. Markiplier is well-known for doing live charity broadcasts and collecting money while playing video games.

He is presently a member of Polaris, a Maker Studios sub-network.

VanossGaming -

Evan Fong of VanossGaming dropped out, leaving the University of Pennsylvania to become a big gaming YouTuber and vlogger. In 2016, he was nominated for a Shorty Award in the gaming category for his montage videos and gameplay commentary. The online star from Canada is now one of the greatest names in the gaming industry. He is an inspiration to his numerous gaming admirers who appreciate his entertaining videos, challenges, and multiplayer game collaborations.

Harrison's Fruity -

As one of the youngest gaming influencers, Harrison is undoubtedly one to watch. Fruity produces material ranging from 2-minute gaming hack tips to 2-hour full playthroughs for popular games such as Fortnite and Rocket League. In addition, fruity interacts with fans via Q&As, product giveaways, and other social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, in addition to light-hearted and humorous videos. You can most notably find him on Twitter, where his gaming-related queries get his followers talking.

CaptainSparklez -

CaptainSparklez is Jordan Maron's stage name. He has been running this channel since July of 2010. He is well known for his Let's Play videos, animations, and mod/command block evaluations. He also uploads videos of himself playing other games, most notably Trials. He also uses Twitch to live stream games, many of which he subsequently uploads to his second YouTube channel, CaptainSparklez2.

Game influencers and content makers are excellent candidates for promoting any gaming product. They increase esports investments, attracting new producers and gamers to content development. Gaming influencers have long been famous for their amusing and informative gaming films. People not only follow these gamers for their tips and tactics to enhance their game, but they also follow these artists as an entertainment source. But how do these artists get money from their work? Here's how creators monetise their gaming content -

How do content creators monetise their content?

Donations -

As a one-time payment, donations are a popular method to support broadcasters. Because Twitch lacks an in-house contribution mechanism, content providers must rely on third-party sites. Benjamin Lupo, an American host and YouTuber known as DrLupo, received the most significant $1,000,000 gift on Twitch.

Affiliate and Partner Programs -

To qualify for the Affiliate Programs, creators must stream for at least eight hours and seven days in the previous 30 days, get an average of three viewers every broadcast, and increase their following to 50 followers. Twitch immediately invites them to become an Affiliate if these conditions are satisfied. These members may profit from subscriptions, get Bits, and sell games and in-game stuff. To be a member of the Youtube Partner Program, a content creator must acquire 1,000 subscribers to their channel and gain 4,000 hours of public view time in a year.

Subscriptions -

Subscriptions give regular revenue to content publishers. Subscriptions allow bloggers to earn more money on specific platforms; for example, on Substack, authors get 90% of subscription income.

Advertisements -

YouTube monetises videos via pre-roll, display, and other ad formats. Advertisers are compensated depending on clicks and impressions. YouTube retains 55% of the income and has the remaining 45%. On average, Twitch pays roughly $2 per 1,000 views per ad, and this monetisation option is only accessible to Twitch Partners.

Thus, content creators need to start preparing and monetising their work. But is there enough scope in this sector for content creation in the gaming sector? As the already stated gaming industry is booming, so are its content creation needs. Here are some of the new names that are already creating a buzz among gaming enthusiasts -

New Games Ready to enter the gaming market -

Saints Row -

Volition is resurrecting its crazy action franchise, Saints Row, with four new youthful and humorous heroes. As the new Boss, you and your four companions establish a criminal empire in the American southwest-inspired Santo Also. The new Saints Row aims to be of its time, a modern narrative about spirited young people who leave the old Boss in the past.

Sunday Gold -

Explore a dystopian London as a trio of misfit petty criminals in this near-future adventure game. Comic book scenes and turn-based warfare punctuate a profoundly stylish experience.

Modern Warfare 2 (Call of Duty) -

It's Modern Warfare 2 all over again! All your favourite tactical operators, including Soap, Captain Price, and that skull-faced guy, have returned to reinvent one of Call of Duty's most beloved games for a new age.

System Shock -

System Shock Shodan returns in a neon-drenched recreation of the iconic first-person shooter. You'll awaken from a coma on the orbiting research station to face the hordes of mutants and cyborgs manufactured by the deadly station AI. System Shock's cyberpunk heritage is unparalleled, and we're hopeful this delivers.

Many more games are scheduled to be launched before the end of 2022. As a result, you can say that the gaming industry's expansion is here to stay.

A glimpse at the prospects of the gaming industry -

According to PwC's Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2022-26, the global gaming business is estimated to be worth $321 billion by 2026.

Gaming content has started to reach Tier II, Tier III, and beyond, providing opportunities for vernacular content providers. With Hindi and Tamil being the two most popular languages for streaming in India, it will undoubtedly gain popularity in the future. As a result, people will watch more games streaming. Because of their high degree of interaction, audiences tend to appreciate their creators and feel more connected to them.

Video games are a vast medium that encompasses a wide range of genres and experiences that can only be found in games, as well as contributions from people all over the globe. Even though movies influence many current games, they are distinct in their own right, and we anticipate them to grow in the future.

Conclusion -

If you are an avid player or want to be a part of this exhilarating experience, you will need the necessary setup to enjoy the games. A comfy, adjustable ergonomic gaming chair allows you to follow your gaming passion and adds style to your house. Furthermore, the memory foam lumbar cushion conforms to the contour of your spine and supports your back, so you won't have to worry about playing for an extended period. So, get your gaming setup ready and browse for top-quality gaming chairs.

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