Redefine Gaming With the Best Gaming Chairs in India

Redefine Gaming With the Best Gaming Chairs in India


Why settle for just any chair when you can have a technologically advanced, ergonomic, comfortable gaming chair? Yes, you can now change the game with high-quality gaming chairs that are worth the investment!

Gaming chairs give back support, resulting in better posture and job effectiveness. Not only can these seats be used for gaming, but they may also be utilized for work where you are required to sit for lengthy periods. After all, we all understand the importance of maintaining good posture for our overall health. An upgraded gaming chair will offer strong lumbar support to assist avoid lower back problems. It may help to avoid chronic weariness, increase energy, and improve circulation.

So, what does the best gaming chair look like? What makes it probably the greatest gaming chair in India? And why you must have one? Unfold the answers below from this article.

The best gamers, professionals and creators deserve the best of the sitting set-ups. Therefore Green Soul presents researched-backed innovative designs made for enhanced performance by professionals and gamers. Green Soul brings you the best experience with more comfort, greater personalization and excellent durability of the gaming chairs.


Here's all about the best chair for gaming available exclusively at Green Soul -

Green Soul Assassin Gaming Chair - Best gaming chair in India with magnetic armrests and lumbar pillow

The Green Soul Assassin

Not just ergonomic, this new gaming sensation is pro-grade ergonomic! Get customized support for unleashing your best performance in every gaming session. Innovation is redefined with Assassin's high-quality materials that guarantee durability. It is upgraded with premium materials that include a patent-pending Magnetic Memory Foam Head Pillow and a 4-way Lumbar Support system for greater support and comfort. The chair also has Full-Metal 4D Armrests that adjust easily in four directions, an aluminum wheelbase for stability, and a comfortable and durable Hybrid Leatherette. The chair also includes a carved pebble seat base with flared edges for better ergonomic support and mobility.


What makes Green Soul's Assassin the best chair for gaming?

The innovative design and intelligent features make it the most desirable gaming chair in India. Here are some of the top-most features of Assassin -

  • Hybrid Leatherette - Green Soul's premium leatherette is smooth, supple, and long-lasting. It has the same deep shimmer as real NAPA leather and is ideal for the ultimate gaming experience. This leatherette is 12x more durable than conventional PU leather, so you can expect it to last for years. 

  • Assassin's L-adjust system - This technology conforms to your body, sliding up and down as well as in and out to create the ideal fit. It also has a patented lattice of live hinges that bend to your spine, providing optimal comfort and support while giving you give your best performance during gaming sessions or work.

  • Memory foam head pillow enhanced with cooling pad -This cushion is designed to give ergonomic support. The head pillow has also been redesigned to provide better ergonomic support and has been filled with cooling gel to aid thermoregulation. Its magnetic function enables you to snap it on and adjust it to your liking. 

  • The Full-Metal 4D Armrests - This "grip" armrest adjust in four positions, enabling you to lift them for wrist and elbow support or slide them beneath as necessary. These armrests are magnetic and may be replaced with new armrests in other colors as needed.

  • Advanced ergonomic pebble seat - This ergonomic seat foundation is intended for optimal comfort and support. Its smooth curve helps you towards a healthy sitting position, while the flared edges give you plenty of freedom to move effortlessly and comfortably. 

  • Premium wheelbase for smooth operation - The reinforced aluminum wheelbase is intended for optimum strength and endurance. We've fine-tuned the weight balance and added extra ribs and gussets for enhanced structural integrity, guaranteeing this wheelbase can handle even the most strenuous gaming sessions XL PU casters provide smooth and silent operation, due to its bigger size and soft, PU-coated treads. These casters glide smoothly across most surfaces, sparing your floor from damage.

So, without further ado, go ahead to get the ultimate gaming experience with Assassin.

However, this specially designed gaming chair is not limited to use only for gaming, it provides the utmost comfort to professionals, creators and everyone who is looking forward to transforming their home set-up.

Green Soul Assassin Gaming Chair - The multifunctional, fully adjustable ergonomic chair for gaming, home or office

Why this chair is a must-have product for you?

Whether you are a professional or a gamer, you are going to be spending a lot of time sitting on a chair. And if the chair is not ergonomic and comfy, then there are lots of health complications that you would have to face after sitting in an uncomfortable chair for a long duration of time. Therefore if you are trying to avoid any discomfort in the long run you must have this gaming chair as they support the natural alignment of your body by helping you sit in an ideal manner in terms of posture.

Ergonomic chairs are not merely safe and comfy, they also look wonderful. What good is furniture that is comfy but merely doesn’t complement the appearance of your workplace or leisure space? Assassin, being a contemporary ergonomic chair has an exquisite style that would appear amazing when you place them in your house. If you are trying to enhance the feel of your sitting place the Green Soul's gaming chairs featuring the newest and the most sophisticated Assassin will add graciously to your home interior vibe. Nonetheless, if need to lower your stress levels by relaxing your muscles and contributing more towards your work then this gaming chair price is your apt investment. option.

Moreover, the good news is you will get Rs. 5000 off if you pre-book Assassin as the offer is valid for the first 500 chairs. So, get this luxurious yet immensely comfortable chair today and give yourself the relaxation and comfort you deserve.


Apart from Assassin there is a range of gaming chair options at Green Soul that might interest you. Here are the details of some of the best gaming chairs available -

Green Soul Vision Gaming Chair, multifuctional ergonomic chair for gaming, home and office
  1. Green Soul Vision Gaming Chair - The adjustable lumbar pillow, neck pillow, and flat and wide seat give optimal comfort and support to the body. Its ergonomic design with butterfly mechanism accommodates varied angles and curves of your body. Every single aspect of the chair is customizable to properly fit your body shape and height! You can simply change the height of this gaming chair, the angle of the backrest, the lumbar support and the armrests. Moreover, it is incredibly stable and safe.

    Green Soul Beast Gaming Chair - ergonomic chair, fully adjustable headrest and armrest
  2. Green Soul Beast Gaming Chair - The beast series is ergonomically engineered to give optimum support and inspire dynamic movement. The adjustable headrest, lumbar cushion and 3D armrests give support to the Back, Neck and Shoulders, making it a great fit for extended-duration use for work or pleasure. A high sturdy base with smooth-moving casters provides for an extremely stable chair. The chair is not only comfy but also available in 6 different color variations to suit your preference. 

    Green Soul Raptor Gaming Chair - Racing edition, in budget chair for new gamers, budding streamers etc.
  3. Raptor Ergonomic Chair - The Raptor Ergonomic chair is created with an ultra-thick cushion, adjustable armrests, an adjustable headrest, and a broad and comfy seat. The headrest cushion is also adjustable to guarantee a good fit for your head for the greatest support to your head and neck. The roomy seat, with a width of 21 inches, can accommodate bigger body frames and is inclined to facilitate optimum ergonomic sitting.

There are many more highly comfortable and stylish gaming chairs that you may love to discover. So, explore the details of Assassin and the best gaming chairs only at Green Soul at

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