Gamers Hack: 5 Steps on how to clean a gaming chair

Gamers Hack: 5 Steps on how to clean a gaming chair


So you have invested in your dream gaming chair, but all the hours of sitting, playing, and snacking have started to show. This article is dedicated to showing you how to clean a gaming chair so that you can make it feel as good as new with just these few steps. Since you spend hours in this gaming chair, it needs a high-care regime. However, high care doesn’t necessarily mean complicated. While the basic steps of cleaning the chair will remain the same for most chairs, the fabric used for your chair will dictate the cleaning it entitles; this brings us to the first step in the cleaning process but first, a list of things you will need on this journey.

  • A Clean Cloth

  • Warm Water

  • Alcohol Wipes

  • Paper Towels

  • Sponge

  • Vacuum Cleaner (Optional)


5 Steps On How to Clean A Gaming Chair

Follow the steps given below to clean your gaming chair:

Step 1: Understanding The Type of Upholstery on The Gaming Chair

Different upholstery materials need different cleaning methods. Knowing the kind of upholstery in your gaming chair is essential to avoid damaging the chair when cleaning. There are four main types of upholstery materials used for gaming chairs.

  • Mesh

  • PU Leather

  • PVC Leather

  • Fabric

Some of the best gaming chairs in the industry will have the kind of material used listed on the label of the chair. Some may even have manufacturer's instructions or product descriptions to give you better insight into the materials used to produce your gaming chair.

Step 2: Vacuum and Dusting

A vacuum cleaner is a great tool not only for cleaning your gaming chair but for the rest of the house as well. It can help remove any excess dust, dirt, and debris from the chair. Regular cleaning with the regular brush attachment is ideal for a fabric gaming chair. If you do not have a vacuum cleaner, you can always use a clean cloth to dust the chair; however, you may not be able to remove any debris embedded in the chair's mesh. A clean cloth is the only thing you need if your chair is made of PU or PVC artificial leather. You can even opt for a microfiber cloth for dusting down your chair. Doing this once a week for your gaming chair can avoid you having to get your gaming chair deep cleaned.

Step 3: Using Water or A Solvent Solution

This step is needed only if you have spill marks or stains on the chair. Checking the manufacturer’s tag on your gaming chair is crucial to ensure it gets the care it needs. If the care tag has an ’S’ mark, it needs to be cleaned with a solvent-based solution. Gaming chairs with a ‘W’ mark should only be cleaned with water. Most faux leather chairs will be marked with a ‘W’. A little warm water mixed with mild dish soap can also be used for chairs marked with a ‘W’.

You should be careful while using a cleaning solution to avoid damage to the chair. You can dab or blot the solution onto artificial leather upholstery using a soft sponge. However, when using a cleaning solution on the mesh, you must be very gentle. You can use a brush to scrub out dirt spots from the upholstery fabric gently.

Solvent Recipes

1. For Fabric

A quarter cup of vinegar mixed with 400ml of warm water and 1tbsp of detergent/

2. For Mesh

1 part vinegar and 3 parts water

Step 4: Concentrate on The Stain

Sometimes tough stains may not come out with simple water or even the cleaning liquid. In this case, you may have to spot-clean the area of the stain after cleaning it with water. Use an alcohol wipe or a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clean the area. If the spot is in a place that is easily noticeable first test it out on a spot a little out of sight and then uses the swab on the actual stain. You can rub or blot the stain with the alcohol wipe but remember to be gentle on gaming chairs with mesh upholstery as they can be easily damaged.

Step 5: Washing The Rest of The Chair

The gaming chair's armrests, frame, and base also need some attention when you decide to clean your chair. However, this is a straightforward step that can be done quickly with the help of some warm water combined with mild detergent. Use a soft sponge or cloth to wipe down the mentioned areas and then dry them with a fresh dry cloth or a paper towel.

Maintaining Your Gaming Chair 

Now that you know how to clean a gaming chair, you also need to take a few minutes to check the rest of the chair to ensure it is in working condition. The most overlooked part when cleaning a gaming chair is the wheels. This shouldn’t be a surprise, but the wheels are usually the dirtiest part of the chair, as it accumulates hair and debris on the floor.

To clean out the wheels, you will need to turn the chair over and use a crevice attachment for the vacuum cleaner that will help remove this debris. You can also use a long thin tool to remove any debris in the wheels. After all the chucks are removed, wipe down the outside of the chair. It will make it as good as new.

Once your chair is clean, you must check all the screws and retighten any loose screws or wheels. Applying a lubricant to squeaky wheels for a smoother experience.

Green Soul gaming chairs are some of the most durable and affordable options in a vast market. Regular maintenance and cleaning allow you to enjoy a comfortable and clean gaming session for longer. Cleaning any sweat stains immediately or staying cool and putting a towel down is an excellent way of keeping your chair clean and fresh.


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