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The Science Behind Ergonomics: An Office Chair Or A Game Changer?


Ergonomics is the science behind understanding interactions among humans and other elements of a system. A professional needs to apply in-depth theories, principles, methods of design, and data to ensure that the product is optimized based on the well-being of humans. An ergonomist contributes to designing and assessing the system’s products, jobs, tasks, and environment to be compatible with humans' abilities, needs, and limitations.

So what will happen if you do not use an ergonomic chair? Read on to find out!

Awkward Postures

Overloading muscles and putting excessive pressure on your joints can affect the tendons present around those joints. A joint of the body is most effective when it operates closest to the mid-range motion of the joint. If these joints are worked outside this motion repeatedly over an extended period of time without having enough recovery time, it could lead to Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD).

High Force Requirement

Many work tasks apply high-force loads on the body. This high force requirement adds to the amount of muscle effort needed, thus causing excess fatigue and may lead to MSD.

Repetitive Motion

If your work is repetitive in nature and is controlled by daily productivity and hourly targets, this kind of repetitive motion, high force, and awkward posture contributes to the risk of MSD.

Exposing yourself to these risks for weeks, months, or years lets fatigue outrun your body’s recovery system and recovery time of your body leading to medical complications. Working smarter by making your job safer, more productive, and more comfortable with ergonomics can reduce these risks to a great extent.

Importance of A Good Ergonomic Chair

Most often, you may look at ergonomics as an expense rather than an investment; however, when you choose a car based on its safety features, why wouldn’t you want to protect yourself and your family by selecting an ergonomic chair?  An individual or business that invests in ergonomic products shows its employees that they care about their health and well-being. More organizations have started giving preference to preventing injuries for their employees to cut down on costs like insurance premiums, sick time, and short- and long-term disability in the long run. Those who are already suffering from health issues can opt for a back pain chair for office that combats the pain keeping you more comfortable when working at home or in the office.

Fostering a safe and healthy culture with workplace ergonomics is an essential perk for individuals and businesses. Ergonomic chairs' health benefits make them a necessity rather than a luxury.


Health Benefits of Ergonomic Chairs

Using an ergonomic chair is not only beneficial for your back but it's the best for your overall health.

Maintain Better Posture

An ergonomic chair lets you sit comfortably for hours on it. It helps your body return to its natural orientation and posture, allowing you to sit optimally. Ergonomic lumbar support chairs will enable you to adjust your seat and back support for the seating posture that is best for you.

Increased Comfort

Lumbar support chairs provide a comfortable posture that prevents and fights off lower back pain. The main reason for back pain is not sitting correctly over extended periods of time. Most ergonomic chairs are designed to match the natural curve of your back so that your back rests appropriately, giving you a natural posture that is more comfortable and better for you.

Reduced Muscular Stress

Ergonomic chairs do not put undue pressure on your muscles; they allow you to sit in an optimal position so that your body is relaxed and does not experience any strain. This ensures that you are not at risk of developing MSD and also helps alleviate existing pain if any.

Better Workspace Efficiency

An office comfortable chair has adjustable armrests, backrests, and headrest, as well as swivel features that allow for better movement and save time at work, thus improving your efficiency and productivity.


Features of an Ergonomic Chair

How would you spot an ergonomic chair? What makes it uniqe? We have answered it for you!


Some of the best office chairs are ergonomic chairs as they provide their users with high-density moulded foam cushions and use breathable mesh material that allows you to stay cool with improved air circulation.


These chairs can be adjusted to match your size and body shape. They have easily adjustable armrests, headrests, tilt, and height features that can even be locked in place when you find your perfect spot.

Posture Correction

Ergonomic chairs with neck support are designed to provide ultimate comfort. It helps improve your sitting posture, thus reducing back pain and preventing any possible long-term effects of poor posture.


How Can An Office Chair Be a Game Changer?

With work-from-home culture becoming a norm today, investing in a good-quality office chair can change the game. It not only ensures that you have a dedicated workspace for yourself but also negates the risks of health issues caused due to working in odd places like the bedroom or dining table in your home.

An ergonomic chair can help you better your game if you are an ardent gamer. The proper posture combined with the correct line of vision helps ensure you do not suffer from back pain or strain your vision after long hours of sitting at the computer. The more comfortable posture also helps you focus more on your game than on other chairs. Which causes you to shift regularly to achieve a more comfortable stance.



Now that you know why you need to choose an ergonomic chair, it is also crucial for you to understand why not to use wooden chairs in your home or an office chair that is not designed ergonomically.

Not Enough Support

A non-ergonomic chair does not usually have all the parts that are needed to support your entire frame. It may not allow you to adjust any part of the chair and can even be a safety risk as it will enable you to rock at an angle that could lead you to lose balance and fall off the chair.

Does Not Curve With Your Spine

An ergonomic chair follows the curve of your spine. However, non-ergonomic chairs usually have flat backrests, which are awkward to sit on for a long time.

It Does Not Protect Your Shoulders and Cervical Spine

A non-ergonomic chair usually does not have a backrest that is big enough to support your shoulders which could result in you experiencing severe soreness in your back and excess shoulder pain.


Investing in an ergonomic chair is worth it as it not only helps you ward off health issues linked with a sedentary lifestyle but also helps improve your productivity and efficiency while you work. Check out our vast collection of ergonomic office chairs to find the one that suits you best. 


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